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2901, 2016

5 Things to Do in Rockville Every NewcomerShould Try

Moving to a new place isn’t always easy –and neither isgetting familiar with the new surroundings you call home. Whether you’ve just bought a home – or recently settled in to a new apartment in Rockville, Maryland –it’s safe to say you won’t have much trouble finding things to do in your new place of residence, which will definitely make the transition a lot easier – and a lot more fun. 1.Taste an authentic, Maryland-based liquor. Sure, you enjoy your [...]

601, 2016

8 Ways to See If Your Apartment Community Is Resident-Friendly

Resident friendly apartments are the types of places people love to call home. These are the communities that always try their absolute best to accommodate a wide range of resident wants and needs. They always offer excellent customer service because their employees tend to be exceedingly hospitable. Besides the intangible factors, such as friendly service, here are 8 ways to figure out if an apartment community is truly resident friendly... 1.Convenient Location Some tenants will be inherently happy or unhappy [...]

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