Best Hacks for Hosting a Dinner Party

Dinner Party Hacks in Rockville, MD

One of the perks of living on your own is being able to invite friends and family over to share your space. And what a better way to spend time with people you love than over a delicious meal? If you have recently moved in to an apartment at Lerner Oxford Square in Rockville, MD – you are in a prime location for hosting a dinner party! This is the perfect way to show friends and family your awesome new space and to have a super fun time. Hosting a dinner party is no easy task, but these little hacks will help you pull it off smoothly.

Master the Preparation

Preparation, when done properly, can make putting on a dinner party a breeze. The preparation process will differ depending on what you are making and how many people are going to be coming, but these steps should help you come out more prepared. First, have a menu completely planned at least a few days before your party. Using this menu, create a grocery shopping list. Figure out which menu items can be pre-made the day before your dinner party. For example, you can put together everything for a casserole and then throw it in the oven before your guests come over. Or, have ingredients pre measured to make the cooking process clean and quick.

Use Index Cards as Seat Markers

Especially when working with a smaller space, it can be tricky figuring out where everyone is going to sit for dinner. Rather than leaving your guests scrambling for a spot to sit and eat their meal, create place settings and cute seat markers using index cards for where each person is to sit. This will make it clear where to go and help you avoid any awkwardness around where to sit. Get creative with where people sit, you can use countertop space, your kitchen table, and even end tables to create a fun and inviting environment for everyone.

Curate a Two to Three Hour Long Playlist

Music can help set the mood for your dinner and make it fun for everyone involved. The average dinner party will last around two or three hours, so curate a playlist that sets exactly the mood you desire. You may want to keep the music chill and slow for the beginning of the party and then choose more upbeat songs toward the end. Choose music everyone will enjoy, but trust your unique music and taste to set just the right tone for your dinner!

Ask Guests if They Have any Allergies or Diet Restrictions

Don’t wait until your guests show up to find out if someone is lactose intolerant, gluten free, allergic to nuts, or vegan! When you know who will be attending your dinner party, send each person a quick message asking if they have any specific dietary restrictions or allergies. This can help you to prepare a menu that will please everyone, or at least ensure there is a separate dish for that guest. Being accommodating is such an important part of being a good host.

Have Guests Contribute a Dish

This hack for your dinner party will save you a ton of time in the kitchen! Host a dinner party that is potluck style, meaning every guest contributes their own dish. This works best when you give your guests a little direction – for example, have a few guests bring main dishes, have a couple more provide appetizers, and task some others with dessert and drinks. This will take the pressure off you in the kitchen and will ensure you can relax and enjoy some new food!

Host Your Dinner Party at Lerner Oxford Square

While apartment living might have you a bit cramped for space, the apartment homes at Lerner Oxford Square proudly feature large, accommodating floorplans. You will be able to host your dinner party with ease in a Lerner Oxford Square apartment, complete with modern appliances for the cooking process. Contact us today or lease online to discover the possibilities for your Rockville, MD apartment.

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