5 Fun Events in Bethesda, MD in 2018

The Top 5 Places to Go for Bethesda Residents Throughout the New Year

Bethesda, Maryland is such an enchanting place to call home. Aside from the fact that there are a number of shopping centers, restaurants and significant medical facilities nearby the area, there are always a variety of things to do for the diverse people who reside there. Regardless of what your living situation is like – whether you’re a bachelor or a member of a growing family – there will be plenty of things for you to do in Bethesda during 2018.

1. The Farm Women’s Market

Located on Wisconsin Avenue, the Farm Women’s Market is a weekly event that is a must if you’re the type of person who enjoys intimate and quirky outings in a unique setting. The main focal point of the Farm Women’s Market is shopping, as the event contains products and crafts sold by artisans and boutique businesses around the Mid-Atlantic region. If you find yourself shopping at the event, you’ll be surrounded by delicious, local food and beverages from nearby eateries, vineyards and breweries in and around Bethesda. The Farm Women’s Market takes place on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday; the flea market is outside only, taking place on Sunday.

2. Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club

Nestled in downtown Bethesda is Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club – a stunning art deco venue that serves up delicious food and incredible entertainment. Regardless of what your idea of a perfect night out is there’s something for everyone at Bethesda Blues & Jazz Club to see, eat and enjoy. Musical performances and comedic routines are among the most popular shows hosted there, but the staff has a great line up planned out for the year ahead. Be sure to check their website and give the establishment a call to reserve a spot for dinner and show for future nights to come.

3. Rockin’ Tots

A more family-oriented event, Rockin’ Tots is a designated time set aside for toddlers and their parents and caretakers to enjoy the trampolines of Rockin’ Jump Gaithersburg in nearby Gaithersburg, MD. This mommy-and-me type of event takes place every Monday through Friday throughout 2018 between the hours of 9 A.M. and noon, allowing families with younger children to jump, play and get out all of their energy in a safe and fun environment. Rockin’ Tots might not be free, but it only costs $7.00 to participate.

4. Waverly Street Gallery Holiday Art Show

A holiday event that stretches into the new year ahead, the Waverly Street Gallery Holiday Art Show will be up and running for your pleasure until January 6th, 2018. Especially perfect if you’re the kind of person who likes to savor the beauty and aesthetic of Christmastime and the holiday season, the art show and gallery presents a collection of original artwork in various mediums, including paintings, photography, prints, ceramics, jewelry and sculpture. This particular theme – “Silver and Gold” – is a reflection of the quality of the art that is being presented in the gallery. So, if you’re staying local during the first week or so of the New Year, this free event is a must-see.

5. A Forest Journey

If you’d like to experience an educational production in 2018, A Forest Journey is something to keep in mind. The nearby event is conveniently located alongside Bethesda in Silver Spring, MD. The event is different than any other in the area, as it is an interactive exhibit. Created by the Franklin Institute, a Forest Journey is mainly inspired by “A Forest Journey: The Role of Wood in the Development of Civilization” by science writer John Perlin. The Harvard classic will offer you a new perspective on the history of wood use throughout the world, forest products and the relationship between forests and the benefits of trees. It’s free of charge.

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