7 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Appear Larger & Maximize Your Space

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When you have a small bedroom, it’s easy to feel like you live in a box rather than a home. The lack of space can make it feel like you’re enclosed within four walls, living in a congested room. Even with a spacious floor plan, bulky furniture can leave your space feeling cramped. Don’t let a small bedroom hold you back from living your best life and relishing in all that the area has to offer. Here are some tips to help you transform the confinement of your room into a bigger, brighter, and livelier space:

Decorate with Light Colors

Dark colors make a room feel more cramped than it already is. Your best bet is to stay away from dark colors and to decorate your room using lighter hues. Although any light shade should do the trick, some good options are whites or off-whites, as well as neutral colors. This makes the room brighter, which makes it look less like a cave and more like a room.

Open Windows

While this may seem too good to be true, this simple trick can help make a big difference in your bedroom. Open your windows and either ditch the curtains altogether, or go for sheer or transparent curtains. This will allow more sunlight into the room. Letting natural sunlight in will make the room brighter, which will also make it appear larger.

The Less Furniture, the Better

Purchase furniture that will save space by incorporating the uses of other pieces of furniture. A bed with built-in drawers will save you from having to buy a dresser, which means one less piece of furniture to worry about. If you would rather have a bed with space underneath, purchase risers for the bed, which will leave the space underneath perfect for storage. Although it may seem tempting to purchase decorative furniture, like a bedside table or TV stand, it is often unnecessary, especially in such a small space. A quick fix is to mount the TV to the wall so you won’t need to purchase anything extra that will take up space.


Mount shelves onto the wall or incorporate them into already existing furniture to save you the hassle of buying various shelving units. One option is to use built-in shelves on the walls around your bed. The shelves will allow you to store your items and will serve the function of a bedside table as well. Doing so means you won’t have to buy a bookcase or other shelving units that will take up space in the room.


Full-length mirrors will give the illusions of both height and depth. You can incorporate mirrors into the room and save space by hanging them on doors. Besides adding height and depth, mirrors also reflect light, which will make for a much brighter living space.

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