7 Reasons an Apartment is Right for You


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The intangible “it” factor that we encounter throughout our lives doesn’t necessarily apply when it comes to making as big of a decision as choosing the right apartment. Consider the following reasons before taking the plunge so you know that you’ve made the right decision beforehand.

How to Choose the Right Apartment

The Apartment Fits Your Budget

The stress that we encounter daily is often more than ideal. But it’s nothing compared to the stress that you’ll encounter if it’s a struggle to scrap together enough money for rent every month. Each month, if the cost of rent is approximately a third or less of your apartment’s cumulative salary, feel secure that you’re signing on to the right apartment. If the cost of the apartment goes beyond this, make sure that you’ve created a budget that assures you that the rent doesn’t go beyond your means.

The Perfect Location

What do you need from where you live? For commuters, easy access to roadways and metro stations makes starting the day a convenient and relaxing endeavor. But it’s also not easy to live in a place where you must go well out of your way for fun, food, and errands. One of the best aspects about living Oxford Square at White Flint is our location, which gives great metro access and is minutes away from a pair Montgomery County’s major roadways.

All Your Personal Items Fit the Space

Some people need more space than others. Over time, some accumulate a multitude of furniture, books, clothes and entertainment devices that look cramped in too small a space. This isn’t the case for everyone, but when you have too much being stored within your apartment, it’s stressful. Make sure you have the right amount of space all of your personal items.

You Feel Safe

The world is no longer naïve to the potential dangers that lie in wait when we depart our home. But there’s still no reason that you can’t have a sense of security within your own walls and in your neighborhood. When safe is the first word that comes to your mind, you’re set. Fortunately for our residents, Rockville and Bethesda, MD has a long history of being a secure place to live.

The Property Looks Attractive

Are you pulling up to an eyesore or an apartment that is well maintained and everything works? An apartment complex should be taking pride in its appearance to the world. If management is making sure that all the lights work and the hallways are clear, it more likely that you can expect efficient service to your apartment should the need arise. Attention to detail from management is a sign they will take good care of you as a tenant.

Good Relationship With Property Manager

There’s one person that you’re guaranteed to interact with while living in an apartment complex, and that is the property manager. Inevitably there will be a hiccup with plumbing or a loose doorknob here and there. When you have a good relationship with a landlord, it reduces the stress of requesting repairs and accelerates being part of the community. A good property manager can be a friend, and is usually a good omen that you’re choosing the right apartment.

The Apartment Has What You Want Most

Each time a person chooses to leave a living space, they’re usually looking for something specific in their next destination. What are you prioritizing? Do you want an open kitchen with newer appliances? Glass sliding doors that open to a balcony? Amenities such as air conditioning, dishwashers, or a washer and dryer? How about a larger master bedroom or rooms for your children? Do you want a lot of natural light? Whatever is most important to you, having these priorities fulfilled in your space will regularly make you happier and leave no regret in your decision.


Apartments in Rockville, MD

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