6 Ways to Get Involved in Rockville, Maryland


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Moving into a new town can be a daunting task, especially when you are uprooting everything you own and leaving all your old friends and family behind. How do you combat the post-move blues? By diving right in and experiencing everything your town has to offer, of course! Use the following tips to get involved in Rockville, Maryland.


Things to Do in Rockville, MD


1. Meet Your Neighbors

There is nothing more awkward than living somewhere for months and having no interaction with your neighbors. Do we wave from a distance? Do we stop and make small talk? Get rid of any speculation on what to do when you see them by building a relationship. Go introduce yourself, invite your neighbors over, or even host a get-together. Your neighbors may end up becoming your closest friends!



2. Find What Interests You

Rockville is only minutes away from Montrose Crossing Shopping Center, Twinbrook Community Recreation Center, Strathmore Performing Arts Center, and numerous other places. If you prefer to stay indoors, your apartment complex offers tons of amenities within the building, including a spa room and sauna, state of the art fitness center, and an Olympic-sized sparkling swimming pool. Regardless of what you are into, you are bound to find something that peaks your interest.


3. Say Yes

Lying in bed after a long day of unpacking may sound tempting, but it is nearly impossible to get involved in your community from the comfort of your home. Start a new hobby, sign up for a class, go to the coffee shop around the corner, or visit a landmark you have never been to. Once you try something new, stick to it and let it become a routine so you interact with people repeatedly. The best way to make friends and get accustomed to your new city is by immersing yourself in everything the area has to offer. Try your best to accept invitations even if they lead you out of your comfort zone!



4. Maintain and Foster Relationships

So you met your neighbors and said yes when they asked you to meet up in the future, but now what? Continue to grow relationships by planning your next social gathering before you go your separate ways. Scheduling lunch twice a month or a play date for the kids in advance makes for an ingenious way to pursue connections and cement friendships. Regardless of what kind of friends and connections you had in your previous apartment or town, moving leads to a fresh start and untouched opportunities. Befriend people you typically would not, and ask to be introduced to friends of friends as a means to increase networking.



5. Do Community Service

Spend some time at the local animal shelter, food pantry, or blood bank and give back. Not only will you be doing something that gives back to the community, but you will also make friends just as kind as you are. Plus, you will feel good doing it!



6. Take It Easy

If you are putting yourself out there, trying new things, and staying positive, but are still not getting the results you hoped for, don’t fret. Acclimating to a new environment takes time even if you are a social butterfly. As you try to fit into the community, be sure to make time to focus on yourself and everything will eventually fall into place.


Apartments in Rockville, Maryland

While moving into a new apartment can be overwhelming, using the tips above to get involved will make becoming part of your new community a little easier. With an endless list of things to do and places to see, Rockville, Maryland is an ideal place to live. If you are looking for an apartment in the Rockville area, look no further than Lerner Oxford Square at White Flint. With our luxury amenities, spacious floorplans and friendly community in the heart of Rockville, Maryland, moving will be an enjoyable experience for you. Call (301) 242-0615 to learn more about Oxford Square and the surrounding area, or lease online today!


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