6 Family Fun Activities in Rockville, Maryland


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A Few Ways to Enjoy the Day with Your Family

Being with the family is a fun, healthy way to enjoy your free time. Getting closer to your loved ones while simultaneously enjoying a fun activity usually results in a good day. Now that you and your family decided to do something together, the question arises, what do you do? These pleasant and enjoyable activities should point you in the right direction.


#1 – A Trip to the Movies

Throughout Rockville, there are many “G-Rated,” family attractions, one of which includes going to the movies. Right in town, there are two go-to movie theatres which include the Regal Cinema and the AMC Loews Rio Cinema. Both theatres offer comfortable seating for a great movie-going experience. Whether it be one of the beloved Disney movies, or even an action movie, the entertainment is endless.

#2 – Going Out to Eat

Let’s be honest with ourselves: we love to eat. Enjoying food with your family members makes it all the better. Rockville offers many different types of cuisine such as Peruvian at La Limena, Chinese at Peter Chang, and even Middle Eastern at Yekta Kabobi. There are many different restaurants where you and your family can enjoy a nice meal. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Rockville, Maryland has it all.


#3 – Enjoy a Local Park

If you want to take the less expensive route, yet still want to have fun, there are many parks and recreation centers where your family can enjoy a nice walk such as Anderson Park and Broome Athletic Park. Another great idea is bringing your bikes along and going for a family bike ride while soaking in the sun. There are many different bike paths in Rockville, up to 34 miles of shared paths. In addition, this year, Rockville was recognized as a, “Bicycle Friendly Community,” by the League of American Bicyclists.


#4 – Have a Picnic

If going out to eat or eating at home wasn’t on the checklist for the day, having a picnic in one of Rockville’s beautiful parks may be the correct option. Bringing a few games with you could also be added into the equation to fully enjoy the day. Some fresh air, family time, and good food is always a great remedy for a fun time.


#5 – Indoor Rock Climbing

Up for a little challenge and a lot of fun? Trek Climbing Center located in Rockville, MD provides a fun and physical environment for all ages. Rainy day? No problem because this activity is completely indoors. What this facility entails is many different types of rock climbing formations, fitness, and even yoga. Also, if you and your family get extremely interested, they do offer classes and private lessons.


#6 – Head to the Town Center

If these ideas don’t appease to you, you and your family could always head into the town center for a variety of different events and activities. Some events may include shopping, getting to know Rockville’s history, or even go mini-golfing. In addition, Dawson’s Farmer Market is open every Wednesday if you want to stop by and check out some fresh produce and local art.


Find an Apartment in Rockville, Maryland

Rockville, Maryland offers many fun activities for you to enjoy with your family. With these ideas in mind, the decision making process may be a little less tedious when deciding what to do. If you are looking for an apartment in the Rockville area, look no further than Lerner Oxford Square. Our convenient location offers the perfect combination of serenity and excitement where you can choose to escape or be in the middle of it all.  For more information on our apartment homes and ideas on what to do, call us at (301) 242-0615 today.

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